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Interviewed by historian Rosemary Curry in 1989, Reg talks about his work in 1920's and 1930's. Whips, training of bullocks (more intelligent than horses), snakes, wool, carting rum, rabbits, long trips in NSW.

An obituary written for Richard Circuitt by Charley Massey in August, 1992.

Robert Pallin has been involved in bushwalking, canyoning and cross country skiing almost since birth.

The news of Robert's death on 20th February 1999 was telephoned to me by two of his many friends, Deidre Shaw and Fiona Brand. Fiona is writing about him for the NPA journal, so I will limit my comments to what I know about his contribution to saving the huts and to his support and friendship to me during my time as President of KHA from 1987 to 1992.

Robin is a past President of KHA.

Ted was born at "Coolamine" homestead in 1936, twenty eight years after his father, Tom Taylor moved there. His mother was the famous Molly Taylor (nee Marden) who met Tom at the Rules Point Hotel about 1929. Ted was the second son of the Taylors, being born a year after his brother Don.

By Neil Roberts

This is a tribute to a unique man, a centenarian and a great Australian. Ted Winter was a “one off” a great all rounder, a born teacher and very sound leader. An energetic bloke who was just as much at home teaching secondary school maths as he was teaching bush and skiing skills. In fact he seemed to spend his entire life above 6000 feet roaming the high plains of NSW meeting their challenges and absorbing their beauty. Tall, angular and tough he was a hard man to keep up with in every way.

Peak performer was down to earth, too

Sydney Morning Herald, September 26, 2009

TED WINTER was Australian pole vault champion in the days when the pole was of solid timber or bamboo, the bar was steel and vaulters landed on their feet in sand or sawdust. Winter fashioned his poles from blue gum saplings before graduating to bamboo.Ted Winter, 1909-2009 

Tim Lamble started 'real' bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, in 1956, at the age of 14; and embraced cross-country skiing and other rucksack sports as he grew older. Subsequently, he has walked in all states of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Great Britain and the U.S.A.

Tom and Elyne Mitchell are extraordinary people, both as a couple and as individuals. Their involvement with the Snowy Mountains covered multiple facets of their lives, grazing, skiing, writing, exploration and government.

 John Hamilton was a popular President of KHA in the 1990’s. He passed away on 25/6/2016.

John was an extremely active hands-on President and huts maintenance man, who loved the snowy mountains – being an active bushwalker, camper & XC skier.

I met him through the CIT TAFE Reid as he was a well respected Teacher of Plumbing and an active AEU union man.

Extract from the foreword to "If that man comes here, I'll shoot him : reminiscences of High Country women".

Foreword by Klaus Hueneke.

This book is a collection of poetry by Gladys Weston. Publishing details can be found at the National Library of Australia