Mark was President of KHA from May 2002 until his resignation in January 2007. Prior to his presidency he served on the committee as Huts Maintenance Officer, Namadgi, and as an ordinary committee member. Mark passed away after a long illness, in 2009. In retrospect he was one of three key KHA Presidents who made a real difference and achieved a considerable amount for KHA, largely un-heralded.

maurice sexton 02Maurice joined Kosciuszko Huts Association (KHA) in 1989 and continuously held a position on the KHA Committee until 2007. For most of that time Maurice has been very closely involved in KHA.

My Mate - Bob Guy

For those who never met Bob, Bob was a quiet man who loved the mountains, music, poetry, theatre and people. Bob was a physiologist by trade but inside there was a musician who wanted to get out. Bob deeply loved his wife Sue and together they enjoyed living in Cootamundra with family and friends. Bob was also a member of the (KHA?) band which included Mike Paterson, Margaret Anderson and Murray Izzard and together really set the tone at KHA Gatherings.

Photo of Noel Gough at Kings CrossNoel Gough was the long-time KHA Huts Maintenance Officer (HMO) for the Geehi and Deep South Kosciusko National Park. He passed away on January 23, 2010 after a long and fascinating life.

Noel was born in Warrnambool, Victoria, on the 25th December 1929 and lived in Moonee Ponds, Victoria later in life. In his later years, he spent considerable time researching and recording a biography of Major Clews, an early surveyor with forty years army service and eight years with the Snowy Scheme

Vale Noel Gough

Mark, Noel Gough's son, has informed us today 23 January 2010, that Noel Gough passed away quietly in his sleep in Melbourne this morning. Noel was reknowned as a tireless worker for KHA in particular on the Geehi Huts and will be remembered as a strong advocate for KHA and the SMA.

Noel Luton was born in November 1931 and passed away on 31 May 2009.

He is famous as a grazier in what is now Namadgi National Park and as the owner and builder of Luton's Crutching Shed, a well known walkers resting point.

He was the first son of (Charles) Morris Luton and Frances nee Clugston. Noel married Fay Murphy from Cooma and had three sons. In 1952, Morris of Roseview, bought Bobeyan Station from Dick Brayshaw and in the early 1960's for Noel and Greg (his brother). They expanded cattle grazing at Bobeyan to include sheep, and were the last landholders on the Bobeyan station before it was made into the Gudgenby Reserve in 1979.

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Photo of Olaf Moon

Olaf Moon was the original Webmaster for KHA.
Later he was Vice President and Secretary for many years.

His tenure as Web Master, covered a period of nearly 10 years. Creation of the first KHA website was the subject of much debate by the committee, following an offer from a commercial company to build the site, conditional on being able to run advertisements. This was sensibly declined by the committee. A later offer to purchase the website was also declined.

(The following text is courtesy of the Paddy Pallin organisation, and is reproduced in full and without alteration.)

"In the bush the problems of life are no longer complex. They are surmountable, man-sized problems; how to light a fire with wet wood, how best to cross a mountain torrent or traverse a scrubby ridge. The business of living is narrowed down to something more elemental"

Pauline is a past president of KHA and was elected as a Life member unanimously by the Committee of 2002.

With a group originally from the Camden Bushwalking Club has been caretaking Daveys Hut for over 20 years and has written the social history of the hut and the Bolton family."If I Wake in The Middle of the Night..."

She has also written, "Historical Huts and Homesteads of Kosciuszko National Park" and "Historical Huts and Homesteads of Namadgi National Park."

Pauline now holds the position of newsletter editor for KHA's journal.

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Photo of Phil RylattPhil is a long time KHA member and maintainer of mountain huts.

Pieter is a Life Member of KHA, and noted outdoor photographer.

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reet vallakReet was a Life Member of KHA.

Reet was a prominent bushwalker, skier and photographer. She joined the ski club at Guthega in 1964, had one lesson and continued skiing for most of her life. In 1970, she attended the preliminary meeting of the group, that later became the Kosciusko Huts Association.

Roger Clement asked her to become KHA's first Secretary, when the Association was formed in 1971 and she held this position until July 1974. In that time, she wrote and sent out the Newsletters, compiled the first Huts List, and looked after membership records until the 1980's.