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Year Built: 1927
Alternate Name(s): Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage
Condition: Good

Gudgenby Cottage

Gudgenby Cottage is a charming building, located about 300m from the main Gudgenby Homestead. A separate entrance road runs off the old Boboyan Rd, (to the Yankee Hat carpark and trailhead.)

Brief History

Gudgenby Cottage is a Hudson Ready-Cut kit home, built in 1927 for the Bootes family, as a visitor's cottage (Bill Bootes and family) and later for use by the Gudgenby property manager. This is the same hut as that used by Mawson in Antarticta.

The building is now un-occupied, and while in good condition, is being pushed over by a feral willow tree (removed 2003). The only outbuilding is a large corrugated iron garage.

Currently, the National Park service is formally reviewing the use of Gudgenby homestead and cottage as commercial premises (eg a B&B) for visitors to the park. This will require an upgrade of the sewerage system. This proposal has received mixed views from KHA members, but follows similar systems in Victoria and Tasmania, and is likely to get support.

On 18 August 2005, the ACT Government approved a grant of some $12000 to KHA for the full renovation of the cottage. This renovation was completed in 2008. The hut has electricity and a full working bathroom.

The photograph above was taken in January 2002 and that below was taken some decades ago, but the cottage appears much the same, and surrounded by more (non-native) trees.

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Last updated 29 November 2020