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Condition: Site

Blue Lake Shelter

Located just below the turn off track to Blue Lake, in the saddle. The ruins are very visible today.


Built by the NSW Tourist Bureau in 1897 for skiing and walkers. It was stuck by lightning in 1910 and not repaired at the time.

Following the removal of the nearby Soil Conservation Hut, NPWS should have been re-built it as an emergency shelter in a key location. History will no doubt show that that is still a good idea, given the number of people who walk this way each year.


Built of stone, with a stone chimney and iron roof, internal dimensions less than nine square metres in total. Granite stones of substantial size were used as lintels.


  • Hueneke Pp8, 9
  • Willis (1980)
  • No KHA Reference Number

Last updated 4 January 2020

walking group standing among blue lake shelter ruins photo olaf moon 1986