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Condition: Burnt

Burrungubugge Shelter

This hut is on the southern and alternate corridor to the Jugungal Wilderness Area, from the Munyang to Whites River road. This corridor eventually leads to Kidmans and the Alpine Hut site. Built by KHA 1990, destroyed in the January 2003 fires.

Brief History

This hut was burnt in the January 2003 fires, but is survived by it neighbour - Kidmans Hut -  just up the valley.

The history of Burrungubugge is unique in KNP history, being the only approved "replacement hut" in the Park up to 1990.

It replaced nearby Constances Hut, with the intention of lessening the visitor load on the Whites Corridor.

The hut was built in 1989 and 1990, and opened to a huge crowd on 17 November 1990. 

It was completely financed through donations, and built by KHA. The NPWS assisted with access and other support.

The hut was slightly controversial, because of a large perspex, picture window in one end wall. Most visitors, however, consider this an advancement in style, and offering a perfect view. Previous windows in older huts were small, due to the cost and difficulty of transporting larger panes of glass.


The shelter was built of vertical slabs, with a wooden floor and roof of iron. A stove, three windows and a toilet were also included.

This combination reduced cost, mets aesthetic considerations, and is very durable, requiring minimal oiling of the woodwork from time to time.


  • KHA reference number is 2445.
  • A comprehensive design and application to the NPWS exists.
  • Hueneke P122 for Constances Hut (which it replaced).

Last updated 22 November 2020

photo of front of burrunggubugge hut photo olaf moon 1989   burrunggubugge hut opening crowd olaf moon 1990