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Alternate Name(s): Lovenest in the Sallees
Condition: Good
HMO: Tantangara

Oldfields No.2 Hut

Access this hut by following the fire trail from the Tantangara Dam site, and past Pedens Hut. After the track crosses the river, the hut is on the opposite hill.

Colloquially known as Lovenest in the Sallees.

Brief History

This hut was built in 1948 by Walter Oldfield and reputedly burnt in 1982. In fact it still stands.

It gets its name from apparent adultery, the story of which remains a family secret. The double bed remains in the hut to this day.

The hut used to contain many original items of furniture and implements, some of which exist today. These were protected by listing the incorrect position in many reports!


The hut is made of vertical slabs of timber, with an iron roof.


  • The KHA Reference number is 1314.
  • This hut does not appear in the 1982 KNP POM
  • It is sometimes confused with Ted Oldfields Hut.

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