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Year Built: 1937
Alternate Name(s): Circuits, Doosies, Fells, Gulf
Condition: Good
HMO: Tantangara

Circuitts Hut

Located on Tantangara Plain a short walk north of Currango, south east of Tantangara Dam and west of Oldfields?

Brief History

Circuits was built in 1938 by George Circuit for the Australian Estates Pastoral Company, to support grazing. Circuit himself held the lease for many years.

Jimmy Gavel was supposed to have died in a snow drift nearby to the hut and his beard left nailed to the mantlepiece, but he later came back as a ghost to frighten his mate, Tom Shanley and collect his beard. Its now gone, so it may not be just a story!

There is a ruin of a pise hut nearby.


Circuits is a four room house with a verandah. It is mainly timber with weatherboards for wall covering, and wooden floors. There is some furniture and a kerosene fridge that still works. The chimney is brick. There are four windows. Separately, there is a toilet and shed.

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  • Hueneke P 202-3
  • and the KNP POM is L.14.
  • A history sheet exists.

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Last updated 30 December 2020