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Alternate Name(s): Happy Jacks 3 and 4
Condition: Burnt

Happy Jacks Plain Hut

Unfortunately the hut was burnt in the 2003 bushfire, it was located in a hard to find position, about 1Km off the Firetrail leading from Eucumbene to the Happy Jacks Pondage. 

To find the site, follow the firetrail to the west, across the obvious bridge and up the hill until the tree line is met. Turn left around the countour of the hill, about 100m into the tree line.

It is also an easy walk across country to Boobee from here, and a firetrail closer to the bridge, leads off there. On the other side of the road, a trail leads to Brooks.

Also known as Happy Jacks 3 and 4.

Brief History

The original iron hut with the dirt floor, was built for grazing, and was extended with the SMA Module (the part with the wooden floor) in 1977. The SMA module was moved from 336096.

The use of the hut by the Australian National Botanic Gardens, along with some more photographs is detailed here.


It is an L shaped hut, 3.5m by 2.8m. and built of corrugated iron for the roof and walls, with a floor of dirt. The SMA module acts like a sleeping platform with its wooden floor.

The hut has a good fireplace made of stone with an iron chimney. One window with a shutter. Water is not convenient when the weather is very dry.


  • KHA Reference is 2340
  • KNP POM number is L.70.