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Year Built: 1950s
Condition: Good
HMO: Snowy

Cootapatamba Hut

Located very strategically in the river valley to the immediate south of the Kosciusko Summit.

Brief History

The hut was originally built by the SMA as a survey shelter. It is unique in that the snow entrance is via a roof top tunnel. There is a summer entrance into the side of the "tower". The fireplace is external to the hut.

Cootapatamba is a genuine survival shelter, designed to catch people leaving the summit of Kosciusko during poor weather. The path down this valley would appear to head to safer areas, but in fact heads deep into wilderness.

Along with Seaman's this is the only other remaining survival hut above the snow line in KNP. Recently 19 people survived a storm inside the hut, a number it is almost impossible to imagine actually getting in!


At 2.5m by 2.5m it is very small. The walls are weatherboard, and the floors of timber. There is a tin roof.


  • the KNP POM is L.51
  • Hueneke


More Information: Cootapatamba Hut Historical Background

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Updated 3 March 2024